Philippines, March 2008


Bohol-Casa Filomena

When we told people we were going to the Philippines, the common response was 'How exotic'. On Tuesday, we boarded a short one hour flight to the island of Bohol and there we found 'EXOTIC'. The Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands. Bohol is considered to be one of the best for its beaches and offers all the amenities a tourist requires but remains largely an unblemished jewel. We were being treated to a little extra decadence and were picked up at the airport as we arrived and taken to a private resort in Dauis. 'Casa Filomena' consisted of only two individual residences, a pool, dining and bar area complete with our own maitre'd and kitchen with a private chef. All this was situated on the edge of a cliff where the deck and dining area gave a stunning view of a Tagbilaran City Bay. We spent the evening enjoying a dip in the pool and relaxing while having a delicious supper during the spectacular sunset.

We had a quick breakfast the following morning before being whisked off for the next segment of our adventure...3 days on the remote and secluded Pamilacan Island.


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